Hunting offers in Romania-
România  is a country located in Southeastern  and Central Europe , North of the Balkan Peninsula , on the Lower Danube , within and outside the Carpathian arch , bordering on the Black Sea . Almost all of the Danube Delta  is located within its territory. Romania shares a border with Hungary  and Serbia  to the west, Ukraine  and the Republic of Moldova  to the northeast, and Bulgaria  to the south.
Romania is a country with a high percent of intact natural ecosystems. We can find here the biggest area of natural forest from Europe. On its territory, there are a lot of corridors of migration. The high level of the diversity of the ecosystems and the geographically localisation reflects on the floristically opulence – more then 3500 species of superior plants and fauna – over 30.000 species. The hunting areas have dimensions of minimum 5.000 hectares of plains, 7 hectares of hills and 10.000 hectares in the mountains.
Danube River ends its journey of almost 1864 miles through Europe in south-eastern Romania. Here the river divides into 3 frayed branches (Chilia, Sulina, Sfântu Gheorghe) forming the Danube Delta. It is the newest land in the country, with beaches expanding almost 65 feet into the sea every year.
Overall, the delta is a triangular swampy area of marshes, floating reed islands and sandbanks. Danube Delta is the place where hundreds of species of birds exist, including pelicans , swans , wild geese  and flamingos . The delta is also a seasonal stopover for migratory birds. Some rare species of birds in the Dobrogea  area are the pelican , cormorant , little deer , Red-breasted Goose , White-fronted Goose and the Mute Swan .
Romania is the home of the greatest European population of big carnivores (Bears – more than 5000, Wolves – more than 3000, Lynxes – more than 1500). The populations of Chamois, Roe Deer, Red Deer and Wild Boar are also notable and, what is more important, all these populations are living in the wild, without any stimulation of trophies’ quality.

The pearl of Carpathians the chamois lives now almost in all mounting areas of the country. Romania registers the biggest trophies of chamois in the whole world. In Fagaras Mountains was registered the world record of 141,10 points CIC, and in other areas of Carpathians were caught the first 20 world trophies. The first 10 trophies from Romania exceed 126 points CIC.
Because of a special management, in Romania there is the biggest density of bears from the entire Europe. The weight of an adult, sturdy bear exceeds often 300 – 350 kg. It may also reach 450 kg.
Hunting is practiced as: drive hunt, beat hunt and stalking. Beat hunt is organized in the autumn, when the animals gather around the abundant feeding places; beaters and dogs are used. To enhance hunting chances, we recommend groups of 3 up to 8 persons. 2 to 4 drives may be organized daily depending on the degree of ground accessibility and on participants’ physical condition. Romania is known for its most trophies earned for skull and for skin. Romania holds the world record for that species both for fur and the skull, with registered 687,79 CIC points for skin and 69,47 CIC points for the skull. Romania also holds the next 10 trophies in the world for skin, with a total over 360 gold medals. Most frequent trophies in Romania are those of 350 CIC points.
As a result of the natural selection from Carpathians, the corporal dimensions of the Romanian stags are superior comparing to those from the Western Europe, the male can often exceeds 250 kg. The hunting period for males is between 1 September and 15 December and for females between 1 September and 15 February. Romania has a natural population with a special value where you can find natural trophies of the most powerful stags from Europe. The most valuable trophy had 261,25 points CIC, and the first 10 trophies from Romania had over 240 points CIC.

The areal of the most representative herbivorous in Romania starts from the Danube meadows and reaches the mountain woodland. The hunting season for roebucks is between May 15-September 15 for males and September 1- February 28 for selection. Special trophies can be found in all our hunting areas. The top of the series is 211.67 points CIC, and the first 10 trophies are over 176 points. Average roe deer trophies in Romania is of over 400 g. Roe deer weight is an average 30 – 35 kg