About us

UNFORGETTABLE HUNTING it is a company with an area of 30000 ha for hunting in Romania . We offer you special hunts in a beautiful places and forests that seems untouched by civilization with no middleman between us and the clients.
Unforgettable Hunting is a company born from my passion and dreams . We grew up with the hunting stories of our grandparents and lived first hunting thrill with our fathers. We believe that each hunt is unique in its way, a true unforgettable ceremony. Unforgettable hunting means more than just acquiring a trophy, they harmoniously combine ancient traditions of our hunting, our extraordinary cuisine and the quality of our game. When you book a hunt with UH it is more than just a hunting trip, it is an unforgettable experience from the moment you arrive at the airport in Romania until you depart. The hunting trip is tailor made to your needs and no aspect is neglected, including your culinary preferences or your physical condition.
From the rustic hunts by carriage or beautiful hunts by sleigh in winter for hunting wild boar or wolf hunting, from unique wild experiences of hunting in forests at dozens of miles from the nearest civilization or the splendid bird hunts in the Danube Delta to elitist hunts with loader staff and impressive hunt paintings. Everything can be arranged by us at your request. From east to west and from north to south UH organizes hunts on more than 2 / 3 of Romania’s surface. All these entitle us to say that we are doing what we have done for generation, HUNT in all different expressions of the word for bringing to you  UNFORGETTABLE HUNTING TEAM