Red Stag

Hunting season 1-September-15-November
The development of this symbol of the Carpathian Mountains was strongly affected by the development of the human society, the stags going in time to the high mountain regions.
At present, due to the measures taken by the competent bodies from Romania, the stag population was recovered, and they can be met in the planes and the hills forests, but mainly in the Carpathian arch. Developing in their natural environment, the stags from Romania have greater sizes than the ones from the Western Europe. Thus, the stags can weight over 250 kg. You can get all kinds of trophies, up to Capital ones.

COSTS per person:
3 days of hunting and 4 nights.
Total price: 1300¬† euro/ hunter¬† … of 2 hunters
Supplement for extra day 200 euro/hunter
Non-hunting tourist/night 150 Euro

Trophy fee only in our area according to trophy size :
7,1-8,0 kg 2300 Euro + 8,5 Euro each 10gr.
8,1-9,0 kg 3150 Euro + 9,0 Euro each 10gr.
9,1-10,0 kg 4000 Euro + 12,0 Euro each 10gr.
10,1-11,0 kg 5200 Euro + 23,0 Euro each 10gr
11,1-11,5 kg. 7550 Euro + 60,0 Euro each 10gr
More of 11,5 kg. 11000 Euro + 72,0 Euro each 10gr

Only in our area we can offer a flat rate of 2900 Euro– Last 5 trophy shoot in my area was over 9Kg

The price includes:
Assistance at the airport on arrival and departure
All transfers in Romania – Round trip !!!
Complete board, starting with dinner on the arrival day and ending with breakfast on the departure day
Permanent professional hunting assistance
All necessary papers to export the trophies ,daily transport in the hunting area
Hunting invitation in Romania
24 h Interpreter during your whole stay
Alcoholic drinks, traditional strong drinks and wine on the house.
The price excludes:
Transport to / from Romania
Firearms and cartridges
Trophy export .
preparations of the trophy(European style).
Other personnel expenses
Daily hunt organize 100 Euro/ day- 1 PH and 1Ranger