Brown Bear

brown-bearHunting seasons:
Autumn season 15-September – 31-December
Spring season 15-March – 14 May

King of the Europe forests, the bear is the greatest carnivorous animal met in Romania, where, in the hill and mountain areas is found the bigest desity of brown bear population from all Europe. Exceptionally, bear can even exceed 400 kg. The hunting methods are: of delay, seizing and with beaters. The trophy consists of fur and skull. Worthy to remember is the fact that the biggest world trophies at fur and skull were from Romania. Thus, the fur world record is owned by a trophy of 687.79 points and is from 1983, and the skull world record has 69.47 points and is from 1994.
Also, the most valuable 10 brown bear furs and 5 from the first 10 skulls around the world come from Romania.

COSTS per person:
4 days of hunting and 5 nights.
Total price: 1800 euro/ hunter
Supplement for extra day 200 euro/hunter
Non-hunting tourist/night 150 Euro

Bear trophy till 300 CIC points included 4200 Euro
Bear trophy above 301 to 400 CIC points 5800 Euro
After 401 CIC points 5800+50 Euro/point
shooting fee for an injured and non recovered piece ……..3000 EURO/piece.

The price includes:
Assistance at the airport on arrival and departure
All transfers in Romania – Round trip !!!
Complete board, starting with dinner on the arrival day and ending with breakfast on the departure day
Permanent professional hunting assistance
All necessary papers to export the trophies ,daily transport in the hunting area
Hunting invitation in Romania
24 h Interpreter during your whole stay
Alcoholic drinks, traditional strong drinks and wine on the house.
The price excludes:
Transport to / from Romania
Firearms and cartridges
Trophy export .
preparations of the trophy(European style).
Other personnel expenses
Daily hunt organize 100 Euro/ day- 1 PH and 1Ranger
Temporary hunting permit 150 Euro
Hunting license 150 Euro

In order to hunt in Romania The hunters are allowed to come in with maximum 2 firearms even if the guns are the same caliber, maximum 50 cartridges for rifle and maximum 100 cartridges for shotguns. The minimum legal caliber in Romania is 5,6 mm and every automatic gun should not have more than 3 fires. The transportation of ammunition in the main luggage is strictly forbidden.
There are obligatory at your arrival in Romania:
-valid civil hunting insurance
-valid hunting permit / license
-hunting invite